January ICLW

Welcome to January’s International Comment Leaving Week.

I’ve been playing FB games sitting here for quite some time trying to figure out what to say for this month’s ICLW intro post. And I still have no idea. As usual, I am amazed that 2/3 of the month has gone by already. Where did it go?

A bit about me for those who are new here: I’m 35 and a half years old, Mr Siili (my husband) is 37 and a half years young (or maybe it’s the other way around). We’ve got two furball cats, that are sweet, lovable and cuddle-bugs. I’m pregnant with our first kid and that is due in late August. It took us 3,5 years to get here and I’m beyond thrilled about it, now that I’m finally believing that I’m actually pregnant! We will be signing the loan papers for our new house on Monday (for real this time) and we move in in about 5 months. We’re both employed, finally! (I’ve been a the same company/job almost 4 years and he’s been at his job since the beginning of the year after getting his PhD almost a year ago.)
We’re just your normal average couple trying to live our lives.

Let me know you stopped by. A quick ‘hello’ will do. Or if you want to say a little something more, tell me what your weather’s been like lately.

Here in Finland, we’ve finally gotten winter weather: cold and snow, plus some winter storms with wind. It took a long time to get here, but it’s beautiful! Especially when I can choose to stay inside and watch it from the window or prepare myself beforehand to head out into it for a nice walk.

And just because, here’s a few photos I’ve taken during the last week or so. Excuse the quality, they were taken with my camera phone.

The bus coming to take me away to work.
Walking across the railway bridge to work after I got off the bus.
Attached to the railway bridge divider-wall. I walked past this for 2 weeks before taking a picture and the following day, it was gone. Hahah  
Walking home from the stores: by the little pond/lake. It’s 8pm.
Still walking home, but this is next to some buildings with light. I love these trees!


18 thoughts on “January ICLW

  1. Hi! It's a little icy here in Iowa but it's been ridiculously warm so far, so no complaints. A couple cm of snow on the ground, but that's all! Miraculous! So glad after so long you're finally pregnant!

  2. Hi there.. We got our first snow of the season. Even though I live in the North East, people act the world is ending with any forecast of snow. I'm happy to report, we survived our 3 inch snowfall! PS- Fantatic News about your pregnancy!!!!! It is always wonderful to read about the IF/SIF graduates!

  3. Those are such pretty pictures!!! It sort of looks like a wintry mix wonderland here in the Washington DC area too, but I admit, I'm not fond of it. I am living in North Carolina now (up here for our IVF cycle!) and the weather THERE is 70 and a bit rainy. Much more my style!!Congratulations on your pregnancy! It is an amazing and wonderful time. I totally get what you mean about if/when statements. Just tell people that you are being realistic. It's ok for you to be realistic. It doesn't mean you are pessimistic, just honest. And that's pretty healthy, I think!!!That said, enjoy every second and remember that if you worry, and then the worst happens, you've basically lived through it twice. I try to keep telling myself that!!!!Again, congrats!ICLW

  4. No snow in England but the spring is slowly showing more and more. I actually look forward to warmer weather, don't miss the snow at all at the moment.

  5. Hehe, you'd think the same thing here. First snow, no matter how late or early, there are tons of car wrecks and panic. It's winter for crying out loud, it happens every year!Thanks!

  6. I spent a month in NC, during the early summer. I loved it there.I tried explaining the 'being realistic' view point today to a friend, she didn't get it. But then again, she had no problems conceiving her two. I did tell her it is like knowing that if you leave your house you can get hit by a car, but it isn't like you constantly think it, it is just a fact you know.Thankfully, most days and thoughts are the good kind though.

  7. I too look forward to warmer weather, I'm freezing! But I don't like the damp-wet-rain either. That is what it is like in my home town. I was always chilled to the bone there. I'd definitely rather have sow!

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