Thursday thoughts

It’s snowing! Again! I’m totally loving it (still). The two pictures I took with my camera phone don’t do the actual view justice. The picture on the right looks bleak and dreary, plus you can’t see the snow falling. The picture on the right looks a bit more cheery and you can just barely see the snow falling.

Today is Thursday the 12th (not that it means anything) and tomorrow is Friday the 13th!! I love Friday the 13th’s. They always seem to be awesome days for me. It is Saturday the 14th that just sucks. LOL

Tomorrow also looks to be an insanely busy day at work. Four out of 9 people in our team will be off for one reason or another. Some of the girls are freaking and already stressing. I’m not. I’ll do what I can do and that’s that. Plus, it’ll only be one day that is this crazy.

I took my very last progesterone suppository this morning. WooHOOO!!!!!

We didn’t actually sign the loan papers yesterday, but rather just got them in order for the loan-lady to take them one more time to her boss and get everything finalized and approved one last time. We’ll do the actual signing in a week and a half.

I really need to go shopping today to look for socks for the sock exchange I am doing at Searching for our silver lining.

I must have gotten an ok amount sleep last night because it is 6pm and I’m still feeling like I can function. It is also time to leave work and tentatively head to the store to look for socks and go food shopping.

I hope your Thursday is a thoughtful one.


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