pregnancy symptoms, reconsidered

So, after my post on Friday about not feeling like I have much in the way of pregnancy symptoms, I’ve reconsidered (some, ok more than some). I received several comments form you wonderful ladies and I talked to a friend on Friday during a beautiful walk outside. I’ve also mentally gone over how I normally feel (not pregnant) vs how I’ve been feeling since I found out I am pregnant.

In short, the…

“very sore and somewhat enlarged breasts, tiredness (it is dark and wintery), some twingy-twitchiness in my stomach sometimes, not being able to cross my arms across my stomach as it makes me feel yucky, some short-in-duration not-really-nausea feelings but they are sometimes helped if I eat, while other times I can’t stand the thought of food and no period!”

…symptoms that I have been having are MY pregnancy symptoms. I may not feel nauseous all the time, nor am I puking (for which I am so very thankful) and I can still eat most anything, without any strange cravings yet, etc. The sensitive nose is something I have always had (which hasn’t gone away). What I am feeling are pregnancy symptoms, they are just my ‘version’ of them.

Normally, I definitely don’t get this much/little nausea, nor do I normally feel a bit sick after eating something sweet (which, by the way didn’t stop me from just making and eating a 5 minute mug cake w/PB and ice cream, yum and blech, lol!!). I also am not normally this tired. I don’t think my moodiness has changed much, which, in my opinion is good. (No idea what Mr Siili thinks.)

So, I am going to try and relax, just a bit more, and maybe even look forward to the doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Yes, it is finally tomorrow!!! I just hope I can actually sleep a restful sleep tonight. (I’ve been having nightmares and weird dreams the last few nights.) Also! Mr Siili thinks he might be able to go with me.


6 thoughts on “pregnancy symptoms, reconsidered

  1. Not only is every woman's experience different, they are different for each pregnancy! None of mine have been alike. I hope you feel fantastic the whole time. 😉

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