Progesterone post

Yup, today is going to be about progesterone. All the nitty-gritty, leaky and fun funky tidbits that are on my mind and what I have to offer. Hah!

But first, I want to quickly interrupt this post to say Mr Siili survived his first day of work! Poor guy, he went to bed so late last night that he’s just exhausted today. After I got home and we ate dinner, we tried watching the 2nd half of a TV show that I was falling asleep during on NYE, but he fell asleep this time. *grin* He’s taking a bit of a nap now, but I hope he doesn’t sleep too much so he can actually get to bed at a decent hour. Mr Siili just isn’t a morning person.

Now back to my ‘scheduled’ post about progesterone.
Ever since the first time I had to use progesterone during a cycle, I’ve hated. Especially the first few rounds when I was using some synthetic stuff that if you’re allergic to nuts, you shouldn’t use. Well, I’m not really allergic allergic to nuts, but a few of them make my throat slightly itch, sometimes. That was enough to make my lady bits react to the synthetic stuff. I’d get quite sore, swollen and feel dried out, especially after stopping the stuff. That’s on top of all the leaking! I finally mentioned it to the doctor and she switched me to the more natural stuff. (This new stuff also cost me much less too! Grr.)

The natural progesterone I’ve been using these last couple of cycles has been better, in the sense of no bad reaction, but it’s still just as annoying to leak all the time. BUT, now when a cycle has actually worked and I know the progesterone is doing a job, I find myself not minding the progesterone as much. Sure, I still grumble a bit about the leaking, especially when it leaks onto my undies. Urgh. But, it’s something that I can tolerate (most of the time), even if I do majorly look forward to the day I can stop the suppositories!

I finally found panty liners/pads that I can live with during the day. They are still not something that I’d choose to use voluntarily, but they do their job, stay in place and aren’t too bulky. The night ones are still bulky and annoying. Plus, I think it’d just work better if I wore an adult diaper instead. LOL
. o O (Hey honey, check me out! *Wiggles a bulky behind in Mr Siili’s general direction* ROFL)

I mentioned the other day that I’ve finally figured out how to prevent most of the soreness to my lady bits. I believe what was making me raw and scrached-feeling-like inside my lady bits was a dry finger dragging along my vaginal wall. Ouch! So, these days I quickly run my finger under (warm) water just before inserting the progesterone. No more pain for me! Oh, and for the times when I still get a bit sore or irritated, a quick rinse of my lady bits works many times and when that doesn’t work a bit of hydrocortisone rubbed on the lady bits works wonders too!

Another not so fun thing about the progesterone is that it has to be kept refrigerated. How does one do that while at work? I definitely don’t have my own personal fridge next to my desk… So, I just keep a cute little Tupperware container (no name on it) with my suppositories in it. Hopefully people are leaving them be. At least I’m not noticing the numbers dwindling faster than I’m using them.

What brought this post about today was the fact that I forgot my pads at home. So, I asked a friend/co-worker if she had any to spare. Thankfully she did! But, she also said she was sorry for the reason I needed them. I told her it wasn’t for AF, but for progesterone and that was all that was said on that topic.

So, I’m hoping and keeping my fingers (and legs) crossed that I only have one more week of progesterone to deal with. I have my first doctor’s appointment next week’s Monday! Time sure is going by so slowly and yet quickly.


19 thoughts on “Progesterone post

  1. I hope you get to stop the prog soon! It is SUCH a mess even if you do feel like you're doing it for a purpose! At my six week scan I couldnt stop but I could at least cut back to once a day — and just at night. Still had to deal with some of the mess, but I at least didn't have to tote them around all the time!

  2. Hi Heather, thanks for coming over to visit my blog! I'm just catching up with your story, and was so excited to see you got your BFP a few weeks ago!!!! Congratulations!!! Or as my people (Jewish) say, "Mazel tov!!!"

  3. Have your doctors mentioned anything about your lining being thin previously? It is possible all is fine with yours. Or maybe the progesterone is used as a booster in any case. Let me know what you find out. ( Sometimes it's nice to not 'suffer' alone. Haha)

  4. Oh what a mess.. it's interesting because here in UK they wanted me to stop taking it when getting a positive result. I used them from transfer to testing. But continued anyway about a week since I had some left which they said couldn't hurt. Go figure.

  5. Warm water is a great way to keep the lady bits happy!! 🙂 I'm happy to have come across your blog through Cristy @ Searching For Our Silver Lining… looks like we're sock exchange partners!! I'm looking forward to keeping in touch with you too. I don't know how you'd like to exchange info but you can email me if you'd like lallen(at) xoxo

  6. Yes, warm water does help quite a bit. I'm so thankful that here in Finland that most bathrooms have little handheld shower-hose thingys.Thank you for letting me know about Christy partnering people up, I had totally missed it! I'll email you very soon (after lunch).

  7. Really?! That would be nice. I know my progesterone is low, so I don't know if it is just me or everyone that has to continue it this long. I guess I'll find out on Monday.

  8. Thanks Heather! Except I just realized I gave you an incorrect email address! Must've been sleepy last night! 🙂 Anyway, it is lallen617(at)gmail(dot)com. It's so neat to meet people on here from all over the world. Looking forward to keeping in touch with you!

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