Xmas 2011

Another xmas is done and over with. *phew* I’m not a religious person, so xmas doesn’t mean anything to me in that sense, but I like the family part of it and the food. Especially since we don’t have Thanksgiving here in Finland, I use our Finnish xmas as a way to eat way too much. LOL. This year though, I didn’t eat nearly as much as I have in past years. Being pregnant has affected in regards to food. I can generally eat, but some things at some times just doesn’t sound good. And I definitely can’t eat as much or I just feel sick. I also have a difficult time with sweet things most often, which is quite sad, because I love sweet things!

I enjoyed the few days away from work, the laziness and relaxing at my in-laws, but as always, it is nice to be home once again. And it’s back to work in the morning.

Here is how we spent some of our xmas at the in-laws.

Mansi chilling under the rocking chair where she can see all, yet still be ready to run after a toy or just run in general.

Rusty “shrimping” on the couch after the ‘traumatic’ trip to his grandparents.

Xmas tree, decorated by FIL & MIL. Santa had (mostly) arrived!
The sweets table.
Mansi being a typical kitty and attacking MIL’s yarn. It was very cute!
Old man Rusty chilling on the couch with Mr Siili.
The stupid angel bell-candle thing that bing-bing-binged all through dinner.

The traditional apple-candle stand that is on our xmas dinner table. (The horses will be the apples in the end.)
Typical Mansi pose. She’s always sitting next to toys and waiting to be played with. (Yes, I did play with her after I took the picture.)
Pieces of one of the puzzles we put together. We also played some games.
Finished puzzle. (I’ve outlined one of the funny shaped pieces.)
Beautiful sunny day today!! You wouldn’t believe how windy it was outside. The power went out 3 times last night (maybe more while we slept) and was still out for many people today. There were trees blown down our entire trip home and even some power lines were down.

7 thoughts on “Xmas 2011

  1. It is funny how pregnancy changes things. I remember not being able to go into the grocery store because the smell of meat made me want to vomit. Glad you had a nice time.

  2. Fun Pics….I love the "shrimping" pic…I lol reading that..totally looks like one. Love that you took your furbabies with you!! My cat would never forgive me!!

  3. Hi JustHeather,Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm glad to hear you are pregnant now. I also love cats! You have a very interesting story with your move to Finland years ago!Happy New Year!

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