December ICLW

Welcome to December’s International Comment Leaving Week.
I hope your holidays haven’t been too stressful so far and that you’ve managed to find some relaxing moments. This year, I did most of my xmas shopping by early September when I was in Shanghai on a business trip. It’s be been nice not having to go out in the holiday shopping crowds. Plus, I’m not usually big on shopping in general (esp. when it comes to bras).
For those of you reading for the first time, here’s a  bit about  who we are:
I’m 35 year old bean counter (accounts receivable specialist) and Mr Siili (DH) is a 37 year young doctor. No, not that kind of doctor! He has his PhD in computer stuff (that’s the technical name for it). And he’s just received a job offer after almost one year of being unemployed. We’ve been together 13,5 years, married 5,5 of those. This month we finally got our BFP from IVF #3 after almost 3,5 years of trying. I’m really hoping this little thing sticks.

When I’m not obsessing about IF, IVF, becoming a mom and more recently, being pregnant, I like to bake, read, do crafts and arts, play around online, snuggle my two cats and bug Mr Siili, among other things.

And something new for those of you who do follow me:
Yesterday’s post was quite useless in my opinion, but I left it published once I put it out there.

I have not dyed my hair since February. The dark brown color that I had been dying it with for a while has faded somewhat. You can clearly see my own color and even the grey/very light hairs (they shine quite well in sunlight) on the top 6 or so inches. I haven’t had my hair trimmed since late spring, which makes the length of my hair past my shoulders and still growing. I’m not sure when I’ll get it cute next, nor what I’ll do with it, but for now, it is just growing.

While Xmas is a quiet event here in Finland, unlike with my family in the US where we have a huge party on Xmas eve, I still look forward to it (usually). Our Xmas eve dinner here in Finland makes up for the Turkey-day meal we don’t have here. (The Mayflower, Pinta & Santa Maria (is there more?) just didn’t land here.) The left overs that last for days…I’m in heaven!!

I have the 23rd off from work this year, so Mr Siili, the cats and I will head to his parents house, as usual. His mom makes most of the savory foods, with some help from me and I make most of the sweet things. This year will be no exception. I’m planning on making chocolate chip cookies, coconut macaroons and I think Chocolate Crinkles.

Happy Holidays, whatever it is you choose to celebrate (or not)!

A picture of our boys years ago (Rusty & ^^Kantti^^).
I should try to get a new one with Rusty & Mansi.

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