Random stuffs

Tuesday already, or is it again? Below is some random stuffs going through my tired head today.

-Mr Siili has an interview this morning. We’re riding the bus together downtown, that’s rare. But he won’t talk to me much because he’s not a morning person, more than I am not a morning person (I fake it quite well).

-Last night when I got home, Mr Siili told me his pants and shirt for said interview needed to be ironed. I replied that he’d better help me get it done before midnight because I hate ironing, esp last minute, at midnight. Guess when we I ironed his clothes, after he told me they didn’t really need to be done! What kind of wife would I be to not get his clothes ironed?! Ugh.  (He read this over my shoulder as I typed it. “I’m such a martyr.” Hahaha)
Later today:
-I’m totally freaking exhausted. I just about fell asleep while reading my book (Pride & Predjudice) on my phone at lunch. I also can’t think straight.
-I’m also feeling a bit queasy off and on. Right now (15:45) is the worst it has been.
-I debated for some time whether or not I would join this month’s  ICLW. In the end, I decided to sign up.
-Xmas shopping, making and wraping has been done since the weekend. (Really, I only had 1/2 of a gift to buy and 1 minute of the other half of the gift to sew.) I really should try to get the baking prep done soon. I’m going to make chocolate chip cookie dough and freeze it so it is easy to bake once we are at the in-laws. The coconut macaroons can wait until Thursday night to mix up and then bake at the in-laws. This year’s new cookie recipe will be Chocolate Crinkles. (I reserve the right to change my mood.) I’ve seen them at a few different places and they look yummy.
-I’m very thankful Mr Siili went food shopping (we’re going to have turkey tacos) so I don’t have to deal with it today.
-I think I’m going to leave work early and go take a nap at home.

2 thoughts on “Random stuffs

  1. I'm not going to lie, Pride and Prejudice always makes me fall asleep. I don't know how many times I've started that book and never gotten past page fifty…at least you have an excuse :-)Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy Holidays!

  2. *grin* I was explaining to Mr Siili last night how I find the book boring and inane. He told me to remember the "meaning" behind it all and that it was written in a different time. Boo-oooring! *giggle*

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