Oh For Fucks Sake Friday – Oct 21st

Sarah over at Dear Baby G has started FFS Fridays. And being that “For Fucks Sake” is my favorite swear word-combo, I just had to join in.

Without further ado, here are some things that have chapped my hide this week.

– Spotting. Do I need to really explain this one? Anyone who is TTC doesn’t want to see this! Yet, it seems to happen month in and month out. I hate spotting. FFS

– I thought maybe the BFN late Friday night was too early to test, so I tested again Sunday night, with the same results. FFS

– I’m stupid-upset-raging-crying-hormonal and Mr Siili sees fit to pay more attention to his game Eve Online than me on Tuesday evening. So, I cried. And when I started crying, I thought about my mom, and how I still wasn’t pregnant and how I hate my life and and and… FFS

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
-Albert Einstein

– Yup, that’s why I tested a 3rd time Wednesday morning. As if the first two BFN weren’t enough. FFS

– I get to work Wednes-morning and AF arrived in full force with vengeance and bad cramps. Not sure what I did to deserve that, but it happened. This day just wasn’t being nice to me. After lunch I was hunched over my desk in pain, the big boss walked by and asked how I was. I told her “in pain because of cramps” and started crying. I cried in her office for a while, but at least I felt a bit better afterward. FFS

– I was so busy getting ready for work this morning and thinking about my friend’s cats that I need to check on before work that I forgot to put my rings on!! I never forget to put my rings on! My fingers are now naked for the day. FFS

– I also forgot my work keys at home and had to return and get them after taking care of the cats. So, I was later at work that I wanted to be. FFS

So, what are your FFS Friday gripes?

Dear Baby G


6 thoughts on “Oh For Fucks Sake Friday – Oct 21st

  1. I love FFS Friday! I think I'll have to do this next week. My big gripe: my fiance's doctors. He saw a cardiologist last Friday about his heart condition and had a few tests done. He's been trying to contact them all week to see what the next step is and no one will get back to him. And these are the doctors that tell him he could have a heart attack at any time. FFS. I really hope next week is better for you, Heather.

  2. Here from ICLW, and your post may have been the first to make me ever literally LOL. Sorry to see that there were so many FFSs, and I hope the weekend gets better. My gripe also has to do with spotting, I totally feel you! Doctors put me on BC before our IVF cycle, and I've been spotting for two weeks now. It's not letting up, and we're desperate to get in some BD before we're not allowed to in about 11 days. FFS.Look forward to reading your blog more!

  3. Love the topic, where to start….and it is monday, so bear with me.My RE Nurse-if I ask you to order me more Gonal-F than last time, I'm not doing it for fun. Two days after my shipment, and I'm already on my last syringe.Next one-Hot Flashes. At 2AM in the morning. Thanks Menopur.Final FFS-had to cancel a trip/plane ticket to see a friend this past weekend, as stimming started earlier than I had planned.Looking forward to next week's! Will try to be on time next time.

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