Creme de la Creme 2011

The 6th Annual Creme de la Creme list has opened today for submissions!
I’ve submitted my best* post for 2011, have you?

This will be my first year participating in Mel’s (over at Stirrup Queens) Creme de la Creme. What exactly is this list, you ask? As Mel put it so well on her announcement post:

…we all have a best post tucked into our archives. We all have words that have moved another person or ideas that have kicked off a series of musings. Bloggers are writers, and all of us deserve to be celebrated.

So there you go, we’re celebrating everyone’s best post for the year 2011 from the ALI community. That includes you! Click on over and submit what you feel is your best post this year (after you have read the rules).


*Best is a relative term. It’s what you think is your best post up to this point in 2011. The criteria for making it a best post is up to you. I chose mine because when I think of it, I really put myself into it and I think it was well written. Someone else might choose a post that (for example) received a lot of comments, showed who they really are, was beautifully written or any numerous other reasons that makes a post your best.

p.s. I even donated a couple of the prizes!!
Below are some examples of the items I donated: booksmarks, glass jewelry and keychain / phone charms. (These are some examples and may not be the exact items for the prize.)


What do you think?

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