Things that make me happy right now: I have 34 followers!! It’s Thursday evening and tomorrow is Friday. At work tomorrow we have an ice cream social-event (organized by me). And I still haven’t tested (8dpt3dt).

On a different note: I’ve been so bad lately about replying to comments. I love every single one of them! My plan is to reply to them this evening (it is after 9pm already), if I don’t fall asleep first.


4 thoughts on “Squeeee!!

  1. I really thought that was going to be a 'two lines' squeee – then remembered that you're not testing til next week. I still have a good feeling about this one for you.

  2. Oops! Sorry. 😀 I didn't even think of Squeee'ing for testing, at leaset not yet as you said. I think I'll 'break down' and test tomorrow. I'm not sure what to think, no symptoms at all, not even from the progesterone!

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