FET tomorrow

Tomorrow is the scheduled date for my FET for the last lonely (ok quality) embryo, if it survives the thaw that is. I don’t think the clinic will call me if it survives the thaw or not. Most likely, I’ll just be told if the transfer is a go or not when I call in the morning to find out the more exact time of when I’m supposed to head into the clinic.

I also have a chiropractor’s appointment in the morning. My neck has been locked up and hurting something fierce lately (since while I was in Shanghai) and it just won’t quit. I love my chiro! On a side note, I have read that it has been beneficial to many women to go to acupuncture before and after an IUI, IVF or FET treatment. I wonder if the same could be had with going to a chiropractor? At least, I know I feel wonderful after my chiro appointments. My whole body just feels lighter and un-locked.

Let’s see how tomorrow goes…

7 thoughts on “FET tomorrow

  1. Best wishes for your FET! My one and only FET was an 2bb (I think) embryo when it was frozen. One the day of the transfer the embryologist said that it looked more liked a 1aa! He said that was rare for it to look better after the thaw, but the embryo did stick! Anyway, sending you positive thoughts, prayers and sticky vibes! I haven't used this term in forever, but I always got a kick out of it when we were doing ART cycles, as of tomorrow you will be PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise)! 🙂 Thanks again for participating in Time Warp Tuesday last week! I wanted to check in today to see how you were doing. xoxo

  2. I really hope your neck feels better.Also, thinking of you in your transfer – I hope it goes smoothly and that it is the one that sticks.

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