Time Warp Tuesday

Kathy over at Four of a Kind has started a blog hop titled Time Warp Tuesdays. (RHPS anyone?) As Kathy says: The idea is to revisit and share some of our favorite blog entries from our archives and reflect on our journeys since we wrote them. I think this sounds quite interesting and I’m ready to give it a go. I’ve never participated in a blog hop before, so this’ll be something new and I hope fun. Also, each week Kathy’ll announce a new theme (for the following week).

This week’s topic is: Waiting.

Looking back at my blog, I realized that I started my blog about 1 month before we started TTC, but I didn’t start actively and more consistently posting until closer to the 2 year mark. (We’ve now just gone past the 3 year anniversary of TTC.) In essence, this entire blog has happened while I’ve been waiting and is about my journey of waiting to get pregnant (and hopefully have a baby in my arms some day).

Things haven’t changed too much since my I started this blog or since I wrote the post I’m reminiscing about today. I’m still waiting for O, waiting for the elusive BFP, waiting for IF appointments and waiting for a baby. At least when I wrote that post, I was still in the happy-go-lucky stage of TTC. We weren’t even 6 months into trying and we didn’t have any clue that I have endometriosis. I had no worries and definitely no idea of what would be in store for us in the journey ahead. In many ways it would be easy and ‘nice’ if it could be like that now. If wishes were fishes… These days, the waiting is worse and my feelings of hope are less, more often than not. Especially on a down day like today.

On a lighter note, in my older post I mentioned that I had just received the book Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer from Santa, which I had been desperately waiting for. That wait is now long gone as I’ve read all the books in the series, twice. On the other hand, I’m now waiting for the first part of the Breaking Dawn movie to come out in theaters in just under 2 months! This wait is agonizing (in a fun school girl-like way)!


4 thoughts on “Time Warp Tuesday

  1. While I'm not crazy about the movies, I *have* read the twilight books twice now. And seen each of the movies just once. I would likely have read them again but when we moved six months ago, Dr Boy made me get rid of them…

  2. Here via Time Warp… Congrats and welcome to your first blog hop! So glad that you decided to participate! I am sorry that you are still not where you hoped and dreamed you would be today (holding your own baby in your arms). Waiting is so hard and the longer you have to do so, the harder it can be to remain hopeful. I wish you the best on your journey and hope and pray that it won't belong before your situation is resolved, hopefully with you bringing home a baby. ((((HUGS)))Fun to reflect on where you were at with the Twilight book and movie series! Little details like that I have found so amusing with this Time Warp blog hop/writing exercise. Thank you for "doing the Time Warp" with us this week! I hope you will participate again next week or in the future and look forward to following your journey to build your family here.

  3. This sentence: "These days the waiting is worse and my feelings of hope are less, more often than not."Made my heart sink. It's very true that waiting and hoping are intractably linked together during our infertility journeys. And as time passes, hope decreases.I really hope that you get your baby in your arms, ASAP. Many hugs.

  4. Here from Time Warp, too.It's somewhat dismaying, isn't it, how much the waiting can change us. We go from all that hope to a lot of realities. Sometimes not the ones we hoped for or expected.Going to read your Waiting post now. Wishing you well on your journey to become a mom.

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