Next step: natural FET, if all works out

I called the clinic yesterday to see where this cycle stands. Since I didn’t start any meds on CD1 (didn’t have a prescrip), by default this cycle and potential FET will be au natural. I have mixed feelings about this because the last natural attempt didn’t work because of timing. MRJ, on the other hand, will most likely be happy about this cycle being (more) natural so he can ‘test’ to see if it was him or the clinic to get me pregnant, if it happens that is. I’m sure he will think it all his doing, which who knows, maybe it would be. I really don’t care how or what gets me pregnant, only that it happens. In any case I will go into the clinic next Monday (CD10) for an u/s and to see what happens next. I’m pretty sure I will get to POAS and hope for a positive O indication.

On a different yet similar topic, my heart just sunk today during a meeting at work. I was sitting across the table from one of the married girls (P) and I noticed that her breasts look quite full and once I noticed that, I thought her tummy could be also. I don’t make a habit out of staring at other women’s boobs and stomachs, but this just happened into my sight and mind. I also think this came about as another co-worker (G) told me a while ago that her and a couple of others were betting (not seriously, I hope) on who would be pregnant by this year’s xmas party. I told G not to hold her breath on me being pregnant by then. And in a very, very selfish way, I hope P isn’t pregnant either. No more work pregnancies before me!!


6 thoughts on “Next step: natural FET, if all works out

  1. Best of luck to you! I'm about to transfer (Friday) from a natural cycle. We also did a natural FET in March that was successful (I miscarried at 9 weeks due to 3 clotting disorders). It's a lot less stressful on your body! I wish you the best.

  2. My FET has been natural so far but I got a big ole bag of drugs today, to start 2 days before the transfer. Perhaps they'll weave them in later in the cycle?

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