Obsessed like a little school girl

Hello. My name is JustHeather and I’m addicted to Twilight.
I have never denied it. I have loved Twilight since I first picked up the first book several years ago. (This series was yet another one that my mom had tried to get me to read years earlier, but I ignored her for a time.) I devoured Twilight (book 1) and New Moon (book 2) and the half book, Midnight Sun. And then I just had to buy Eclipse (book 3) from a local book store, at a higher cost. Mr Siili wasn’t happy about that. He couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t wait for him to go to Dublin and get me the rest of the books there. I did hold off from purchasing the fourth book, which he did buy from Dublin  and let Santa give to me for xmas. Although, I was very naughty and knew where he hid it, in plain sight!, and read the first chapter or two before xmas. I told you I am obsessed, with the books and movies a like.
I’m not quite sure what it is that attracts me so much to the books and movies. I mean, there are the surface reasons that everyone else is in love with also: the love story and a very cute and sensitive guy that falls in love the girl next door. Part of it has to do with the vampires too. I’ve loved vampires for ages. My ex introduced me to Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire back in 1994. I devoured all of her books (up until her Christian books in recent years) and short stories that I could find. And then I devoured all other vampire books I could find, which still continues today. But other than these few reasons, I can’t tell you exactly why I go gah-gah over this series!
When the first movie came out, I was so unbelievably disappointed that it didn’t come to Finland until 6 weeks later!! Everyone I knew everywhere else had seen the movie by then. When the movie finally came here, I was giddy with excitement. I truly couldn’t contain myself and was wiggly with excitement waiting for the midnight showing. When the 2nd movie came out, Finland’s first night was the same as the rest of the world and I was right there waiting to see the midnight show. In addition, Finland is 7 hours ahead of New York, which means that I was able to see it before my US friends! WooHoo! (No spoilers from me though.) The third movie I didn’t get to see until the following day, because there was a mix-up when ordering the tickets online. But I was still school girl-like crazy about seeing the movie. I was giddy, happy and almost couldn’t contain myself. And that is so NOT me. I don’t know what it is that makes me behave like this.
Now, with the first half of the fourth book coming out in theaters on November 18th of this year (that’s 68 days away), I’m already as excited as a little school girl. I think about the books and I just want to read them all over again, same with the movies. I was able to satiate part of my craving by watching New Moon this evening in the hotel. I would have loved to be watch this with someone, friends who are just as crazy about the movies (and books) as me, but that will have to wait until I am back in Finland. But until then, Eclipse will be shown on TV tomorrow evening. Guess where I’m going to be?!
p.s. I am so so so so thankful Gmail saves drafts of emails as you type. I somehow managed to “go back” a screen and deleted everything I had written. But, because of the automatic save, I didn’t lose more than a few words.

3 thoughts on “Obsessed like a little school girl

  1. In the beginning I too was a bit disappointed in the 2nd and 3rd movie because I felt some things had just been plain left out of the movies. But, as time has gone by and I've had time to reflect and see the movies again, I'm not as disappointed. I know movies never follow a book completely. That was the hard part to digest in the beginning. Especially as most times I love movies for what they are: an escape from reality for a while. And that is exactly what these are. An escape, albeit one that I just love a bit too much. 🙂 I still have great hopes for the upcoming 2 movies, but man oh, man! this wait has been killer. LOL

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