2 more sleeps

Why do I feel like I have hardly any time for extracurricular activities?! It’s not like I have been doing much after work. I haven’t been going to the gym (bad me) and I sure haven’t been cleaning, nor much else either. I have some things I should do, which I’m avoiding and I shouldn’t avoid them. And then there are some things which I don’t need to do, but have been doing, such as Mr Siili and I watching some TV shows together. Tons of fun, but not really productive. I really have to get my behind in gear this evening and tomorrow evening as I only have 2 more sleeps before I head off to China for just over 2 weeks for a work trip. I need to clean the cat litter box, do dishes, empty the camera’s memory card, get some money exchanged, figure out what I want to wear while there and then pack it, finish buying a couple of small gifts, bread and who knows what else! I should check my list again. I love lists, even if I don’t always follow them.

I’m starting to get to the stressed stage of traveling and I haven’t even left home yet. Actually, I always get stressed just before traveling, it’s once we’re on the road or in the plane that I can finally calm down, because I know the plane can’t leave without me if I’m in it. *big grin* I’m sure I’ll start having travel-stress dreams soon. Anyone else have these types of dreams? I quite often have them when I’m visiting family in the US. I know we need to get to the airport in the morning, but I always have one last store I need to go to to buy that last item. Something happens and I’m late. Either there is a long line at the store, not everyone is where they should be, the traffic is horrendous or we just don’t get to the airport on time. LOL I dream that sort of dream almost every time I’m going to travel. Thankfully none of that has happened in the waking world.

I’ve wanted to write more on my blog the last few days, but I just haven’t felt like I had the time (see first paragraph) and I just haven’t has much to say. Life is just life right now. I have had some time to do ICLW stuff, but not nearly as much as I should. I guess that needs to go on my list of things to do before I leave also.

I hope everyone is having a good ICLW. When I logged in today, I saw that I now have 30 people following me!! I truly find it too cool for words to have people following me. Thank you everyone!


7 thoughts on “2 more sleeps

  1. I'm soooooo in the same boat! I work, come home and barely manage to make dinner and I only have to make it every other night as DH cooks and sometimes we order in. We finally put the laundry away after weeks of piles of clean laundry on the floor!! :)Happy ICLW from #97

  2. I LOVE counting things in "sleeps!" I definitely experience anxiety prior to traveling. It's hard organizing and packing while also trying to maintain everything else in your life. But once I take flight, I'm the same as you. Love the journey from then on. I'm happy to meet you through ICLW!

  3. My sister used to count in "sleeps" as sleeping was very important to her at a young age and I've always loved it.Stress is finally going down now that I'm done working for the week and mostly packed. I really should be getting to bed now. :)Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Have fun in China..wow two weeks!! I like counting things in sleeps too. And I agree with the followers thing…I am near 30 and I still think its neat someone actually is interested in reading what's going on.

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