HBD to me!

There is only 8 more minutes left of my birthday-day and I have to say, it’s been a decent day. Definitely much better than I was feeling yesterday. Yesterday I was quite down and totally dreading my birthday. It’s not that I am unhappy with the number 35, as I’ve never really had an issue with the whole age/number thing, it’s more of what the number 35 means in respect to pregnancy. I just can’t seem to get the number 35 out of my head as the magical age where pregnancies are supposed to be harder to come by (as if it hasn’t been difficult enough already) and where they are also more likely to be considered high risk. Enough of that for now…

This day has been quite relaxing but very nice. I woke up this morning in a very warm bedroom. We get the morning sun streaming right into our bedroom. Generally I love it, but this morning it was quite warm, even for me! As I was trying to drag myself out of bed, Mr Siili mumbled ‘happy birthday’ to me. *big grin* The first part of the day was quite laid back. I dealt with some bank stuff and then sat outside reading for a while.When Mr Siili went to get his hair cut, he also got me a card for my b-day. It is a very sweet dragon and knight card. I love it and the words even more. That is the only gift I got from Mr Siili as I told him I didn’t need or want anything today (except a baby and that can’t be given on demand). I do know I’ll get some late b-day snuggles tomorrow. *wicked evil grin*

I didn’t want to just sit around all day, so I sent out a message to several friends asking if they’d like to go frisbee golfing with me in the evening. (Mr Siili had basketball practice.) Eventually 2 co-workers (plus a boyfriend) said they’d like to join me. Yay! But first, one of them and I went to the shore and hung out at the lake. The day was beautiful, even if a bit overcast, which actually made it much nicer as we didn’t sit there and sweat the whole afternoon. At 19:00 we met up with the other two and played a round of frisbee golf. We all sucked! LOL. And at hole 7 (out of 9) it started raining. We got very wet, but thankfully it was a warm rain. I loved it! This evening Mr Siili and I watched a couple TV shows together.

All in all, today has been a mellow day, but a good one. I’m thankful for my husband and friends who’ve wished me many happy birthday thoughts (on facebook and sms) today. I know I’m loved.
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9 thoughts on “HBD to me!

  1. Happy happiest Bday!!!!! I'm so glad u had a wonderful Bday. Sounds very relaxing. My type of days. Wishing u many many more bdays to come. And hey maybe next year ull be celebrating w a lil one in ur arms. Don't lose hope 🙂 ((hugs!))

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