Tearful, bleh day

I have several ideas for posts that I want to write, but I’m just not in the mood today. For today has been one of those teary and bleh-type days. My own waterworks started this morning as I was taking a shower and have continued off and on throughout the day (sort of like the weather). I was teary as I arrived for work, but then threw myself into work and didn’t really have time to think about much else. At lunch I saw my big boss for the first time in weeks. She gave me a hug and told me she was sorry for my loss. I told her thank you and then I just wasn’t sure what to say, because all I could think of was telling her how today was one of the bad days. So, lunch time left me a bit down feeling. After lunch, my lack of a good night’s sleep and the tail end of jetlag hit me. Yet I still had several hours to go at work. I was the last one to leave from my floor. On my way down the stairs, I stopped one floor below to see if a co-worker was there. She was. We talked and cried a bit. (She just lost her dad just before I lost my mom. She also lost her mom a year ago.) Once I got home, I just wanted to hug DH, but he was cooking. I tried hugging our cat Rusty, but he didn’t want to be held, just petted. So here I am sitting in front of the computer, still feeling a bit sad. So, yeah, today has been one of those days. A teary, tearful and bleh day.
Tomorrow has to be better.


One thought on “Tearful, bleh day

  1. Aww Heather what a horrid day. I guess it is something that is natural and part of the grieving process. I'm so sorry you have to go through this.Btw this is Kat from imveryfaraway but disqus won't seem to let me link properly.

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