No FET this month

I got (what I think is) a positive OPK last night and again this morning, but the clinic is counting yesterday’s OPK as the day in which to count from. It would mean my FET would have happened on Monday, but no one is in the office on Sunday to thaw my lonely embryo. So, no FET this month.

Now, if I would have not tested yesterday in the evening or just not have said anything to the clinic, they would have gone by this morning’s +OPK and I would have my FET on Tuesday. Doh! Hindsight is 20 / 20.

I am quite sure I have ovulated today. I’ve felt pinchy-twingy-pangs on my right ovary area off and on during the day. At one point they were much stronger than the rest. Now, my right side is just tender and a bit crampy. It almost feels as if I was kicked in the ovary. I manged to talk hubby into a BD session last night and I’ve almost extracted a promise for another tomorrow (Friday). Not that I really have any hope or expectations that this cycle will be any different than the previous 35 cycles, but you can’t blame a girl for trying. Plus, I love my husband and I love being intimate with him!

I’m not too sad about the FET not working this month as I was already prepared for a summer break. The FET would have just been an added bonus and also allow us to start 100% fresh in the Fall. Now, we’ll have this one lonely embryo to try an FET with before going onto IVF #3. I’ve been in a good frame of mind for the last 2 or so weeks. I hope I’ll be able to continue this feeling of positivity and goodness. Having +25-30C degrees of wonderfully amazing weather right now doesn’t hurt either! (I’m so not cold! Even my feet are warm.)

Happy start of summer to all!


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