potato-chicken casserole

It’s been a windy lazy day. I’m reading Into the Wildernessby Sara Donati and I’ve read a couple hundred pages today alone, with just under 400 pages left. Thankfully I have the 2nd book in the series already, but I am concerned about what I’m going to do after that. When I get into a series of books, I run with it! I devour the series until there is no more and then I lament the end of the series. No need to dwell on that for now though.

Yesterday I made a peruna-broilerikiusaus, which roughly translates to potato-chicken casserole. I didn’t follow any sort of recipe, but rather thought of other recipes I’ve made over the years and went from there. In the end, it was a very basic recipe, but it was quite good.

peruna-broilerikiusaus / potato-chicken casserole

6-8 medium potatoes
1 pkg (~400g) marinated shredded chicken
2 eggs
~5 dl milk
1 onion  (I didn’t add one this time, but that is only because we didn’t have one in the house.)
pinch pepper

-wash and cut the potatoes into small pieces and then boil them until almost done. The potatoes will cook quickly because they are chopped up small.
-fry up the chicken.
-beat the eggs well, add the milk and pepper.
-add the potatoes and chicken into the milk mix.
-bake in the oven for about 1hour at 200C
-let the casserole cool a little bit before serving with a nice green salad and enjoy.


2 thoughts on “potato-chicken casserole

  1. That sounds really good. You could change the chicken for a nice chunky fish as well. Maybe add some green beans also… think I know what I'll be cooking soon.

  2. Definitely! What I did was a very basic casserole, veggies of any sort or fish or even hamburger could be added and substituted. Enjoy and let me know what you make.

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