Fantastic Friday

Friday was an awesome day for me and one that I needed for some time. So many good and positive things happened to make it a great day for me. Not to mention that just by the fact that it was Friday, it had to be a good day!

Having said that it was a great day, let me get the one not so pleasant thing out of the way first so I can focus on everything positive. Ever since stopping the progesterone, I’ve been a bit dry and itchy in the lady part area. Ugh, I can’t wait for that feeling to go away!

And now, on with the good.
Really, Friday started out like any other day. I did get to sleep a bit earlier the night before, so I actually got close to 7 hours of sleep. Yay me! The alarm went of, I woke up, got ready for work and went to work.

At work, I was able to help a co-worker with some of his stuff so that he could focus on a messy project that really needed to be cleaned up.

Then, a lady from IT brought me the 2nd monitor I had asked for/requested via my TeamLeader. It was a different size than what I already had, so it was given to my co-worker, but IT lady did bring me a matching monitor a bit later in the day. IT Lady also figured out why my computer is insanely and extremely slooooow! So painfully slow it literally stresses me out. She will build me a new computer and bring it to me early next week. Yes!
And this was all before lunch! Ok, so what that I didn’t go to lunch until almost 1pm?!

After lunch, BigBoss wished to speak to me. I went to her office and she told me that I was not going to get assigned an extra duty that I had said I’d be willing to take on. She just wanted to let me know that it wasn’t because of any lack of skills or what not, but rather that she would like to keep me available for some other projects that will be coming up later this fall. I told her it wasn’t a problem and that I understood. Remember my mantra of late? No stress.

I told her about my mantra and somehow from my comment, we got on the topic of having too much work to do (she’s insanely swamped), health, taking care of oneself and taking time off (planned & unplanned). She brought up the reason that she was off work about a year ago for an extended period of time was because she had an emergency hysterectomy. I knew she was out of work, hard not to notice, but I had no idea what the reason was.
(I’m not sure if anyone wants to read about her story of an emergency hysterectomy, but I want to share it as it meant so much to me that she confided in and shared with me. Skip the rest of this paragraph if you don’t want to read it.) Basically, as she was in the air flying somewhere, got horribly sick and started really bleeding. She then went straight to the hospital thinking it was maybe appendicitis, only to be shocked with an oncologist doctor coming in to talk to her. During the exam, they found a huge mass (23cm?) in her abdomen area that they thought was a tumor and it had burst, which is what was causing the bleeding. BigBoss was told they were going to do surgery soon and that they’d start her on chemo right after. She was prepared for the worst. When the doctors were in for the surgery, they instead found an endometriomal cyst (that’s what I had/have!). They remove her uterus, ovaries and appendix (because they were in there). BigBoss told me that in the beginning this was difficult on her emotionally and how she struggled with the fact that her fertility was taken away from her. She is now on HRT to help ease her body in to menopause. As I told her I understood the emotions of hormones, surgery and such stresses like that (not being able to have kids), I decided then and there to tell her what hubby and I have been going through. Saying that one understands or at least partially understands what another is going through, doesn’t give it much clout, strength or confidence unless you can back it up with your own experiences. Once it was all out in the open and we talked a bit more, I felt tears at the back of my eyes and a lump in my throat, but I fought it back. I was so proud of myself for not breaking down. So, now my bigboss knows that hubby and I are TTC and that we have been for some time, without success. But I don’t mind. It was Friday and it felt good to share.

After work, I met hubby downtown where we walked to the restaurant that we were going to have dinner at with another couple. We used the 2 gift certificates we bought a while back (each cost 25€, but valued at 50€ worth of food each). I ordered a strawberry margarita! My second alcoholic drink of the year (I don’t like alcohol generally, but since the FET was a BFN, I decided to do something that I wouldn’t have done if pregnant!). And man oh man, was it yummy!! We all had yummy food and yummy dessert. The night was still early so we decided to head back to the couples’ house. I got a quick tour of their house as I hadn’t been there in a while and they’d done some more remodeling. We drank (they alcohol, me tea), ate Turkish delight candies, chocolate, Karjalan piirakka and played Dominion four times. I lost every time, but it was still fun and I’d love to play it again.

We were offered a bed to stay the night, but our kitties hadn’t gotten their nightly snack and we felt we should go home to check on them. We took a taxi and arrived home just before 4am (the receipt confirms it)!! I haven’t been out that late in, forever! I took a shower, stumbled into bed and promptly fell asleep.

The goodness continued even to today! Once we woke up hubby and I lazed in the bed reading and chatting. When we finally got dressed to go to the store, I bought some sweet things to eat (chocolate, choco-covered cookies, chocolate-licorice ice cream and nougat candies), just because. We didn’t really eat proper food today, but that’s ok every once in awhile. Then I drank tea and watch the 2 final episodes of American Idol. I was surprised at who won, but I think that person deserved it.

And now here it is after midnight in the early hours of Sunday morning. (Does anyone else take forever composing and writing a post?) It’s time for me to go to bed and hopefully continue with this fantastic weekend when I wake up.

p.s. The text in bold struck me as something important and maybe even profound, which is why it is made more noticeable.


One thought on “Fantastic Friday

  1. Hi Heather,I'm here late from ICLW. Gotta love the chance to connect with others who are traveling a similar journey. The support and love that I've received from this amazing online community is unbelievable. I hope that you are able to tap in to the Stirrup Queen's other projects to continue building your blog community. It sure feels good to know that you are not alone!Best of Luck!-Foxy

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