Museoiden Yö

Tonight is The Night of the Museums in my town! And I’m so totally going!

What it is: About 14 different museums will be open from 6pm to midnight for anyone to visit for the price of an inexpensive ticket (6e/person or 15e/up to 5 people) that also includes the bus to get around. There will be other events going on also. We’ll definitely be stopping at the Moominvalley, Vapriikki (ice hockey, shoes, Finnish natural history and more!),  maybe the Amuri Museum of Workers’ Housing and The Lenin Museum (the only permanent one in the world). Oh dear, there are so many places I want to see, I don’t think I’ll have time to visit them all. Thankfully this is not my first time visiting most of these museums, nor will it be the last. So I think I’ll be going with the flow and seeing what our out of town visitors want to see the most.

I’ve convinced a co-worker and her BF, another co-worker and 2 girls visiting from Canada to join me. Yay! I don’t have to go alone. Yeah, I know DH isn’t joining, but he doesn’t like crowds and I’ve learned to do my own things when he doesn’t want to join.

I’ll update how this even went later and I’ll even try to take some pictures. I may not get back here until late Saturday or even Sunday. Saturday I have a Postcrossing meeting to attend, which I organized for the Canadians who are visiting, so I can’t miss out on that!

And to make this potentially great weekend even better, it is sunny right now and looks like it will continue in that manner for the entire weekend! Yes!


2 thoughts on “Museoiden Yö

  1. Stopping from ICLWMoominvalley actually exists! I grew up with the moomin-trolls books, I loved them – and always thought it was an imaginary valley!!! How cool is that 🙂

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