Decent Day

It’s now 5dpFET and I’m feeling normal. I’m not sure how I should feel and I’m not really trying to focus on it. I have had a few stomach pains/cramps off and on during the day, but they could be because of anything. Again, I’m just not thinking of it.

I’ve been tired most of the day, but it is my own fault. I stayed up late watching Finland win the World Ice Hockey Championship. The second time ever for Finland and the previous time was 16 years ago. The whole country is celebrating today. My work even sprung for donuts for everyone for the occasion! *yum* And there were some left over, so I brought one home for hubby and myself. I may end up eating both. LOL

There is a Health and Well-being at Work campaign going on at my work right now. As a part of this campaign, there has been a survey about our habits (eating, sleeping, exercise, mental well-being, etc), a nutrition lecture, a walking test, lung capacity test and so on (all voluntary). Today there was a possibility to have a body composition analysis done. It was done with this machine (InBody 720) that runs an electric current through your body to measure everything. It was so weird! I could feel the electric current in my hands and feet even for about 30minutes afterward. Everything is in the normal or good range, except I could do to lose a couple of kilos (and how many donuts have I eaten so far today…?). I’m quite pleased with my results and I know that a little bit more work at the gym (I was totally lazy last week) will help with the weight loss and muscle gain. Although, I am quite sure that these couple of kilos that I have gained in the last one year and a half are due to the infertility drugs I’ve been taking. Bleh.

I went to the gym today. But being the goof that I am, I mistakenly thought my BodyCombat class started at 18:15. It didn’t and hasn’t for some time, but I have forgotten that several times already. It now starts at 19:15. So, to kill some time I did my workout routine on the machines and then went to Combat. I love BodyCombat class!! Except not so much today. The instructor isn’t my favorite and there was an annoying lady standing next to me in the class! She was wiggling all over the place, out of sync with the music and rest of the class, her punches and kicks were wild (I almost got punched a few times) and she looked as if she might be in the early stages of pregnancy. Grrrr. I know I’m not perfect (but I sure try to be *wicked evil grin*) and I shouldn’t judge, especially when we are all there to work out, in our own way. But when they are doing it so wrongly and in such a way that they could possibly hurt themselves or they just aren’t getting the full & correct benefit of it, just bugs me.

And speaking of bugging, sometimes people just bug me. Hubby knows this and laughs at me. His comment today “Wouldn’t the world be a better place without other people?”. LOL. Sometimes. Yes, I know I’m easily bugged at times. Ok, often times.  I’ve been that way for as long as I can remember (ask my family). But, I also know it is my personality trait or fault if you will. It’s me.


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  1. I had my blog design done, but I think it's the "pages" tab when you click on design in your dashboard.Sorry I can't be of more help! 😦

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