Saturday the 14th, sucks!

I’m not a superstitious person by nature, but I do enjoy superstitions, lore, Murphy’s law and whatnot, at least for a good laugh. But for as long as I can remember, Friday the 13th has always been a good, if not great, day for me. It is always Saturday the 14th is what isn’t such a good day for me. And this time around was no exception!

I don’t remember when or how I came to this conclusion of Friday the 13th being good and Saturday the 14th not so good. It probably has to do with the fact that most people think it is an ill-fated day because of its number. (But then why isn’t Monday or Wednesday the 13th thought to be just as bad days?) And since I am not most people, I decided that it was a good day. Also, the #13 has been a favorite of mine for as long as I can remember. Probably for the same reason mentioned before.

Anyway, this Friday the 13th didn’t disappoint. I woke up Friday morning and everything in the world just seemed right. I wasn’t stressed about the stress (and strike guards outside work), it was sunny after a brief rain, my allergies were not bothering me (because of said rain) and just in general, I was in a great mood. I mean, come on, it’s Friday! This feeling lasted throughout the whole day. To top the day off, the Finnish national hockey team won their hockey game against Russia, putting them into the gold/silver match against Sweden.

Saturday, on the other hand, started out not so nice. I was woken from my deep sleep just after 4 am with hubby calling the cops on the downstairs neighbors aka monkeys. They had been making noise and singing karaoke since the early hours of the night (they started some time after I went to bed). The cops couldn’t come right then as they were busy with other more pressing issues. When the monkeys make noise, hubby can’t sleep. (The monkeys are quite noisy!) And if hubby wakes me up, I have a hard time going back to sleep. Partly because the noise is annoying and partly because I feel guilty for being able to sleep through it all normally. I think I dozed off and on a bit, but at 5am hubby had me call the cops. Still the cops didn’t come. I fell asleep passed out soon after that and Hubby feel into a fitful sleep some time around 6 or 7 am when the monkeys finally passed out themselves.

I didn’t sleep too well after that as my allergies started acting up. When the rain dries up, the dust and pollen starts floating around again. I couldn’t breath through my nose, so my throat got dry and then I’d cough, so I had to get up and get a drink of water. And then at one point I couldn’t fall back asleep, yet I was still totally exhausted. So, I played with my phone a bit until I fell back asleep. (I love my new fan-dangled internet supporting toy phone.)

When I finally did wake up, I got ready to go put gas in the car so we could go look at where our house is being built. I walk out to my car and I notice it has a flat tire on the front driver side!!!! I go back inside, tell hubby what happened. Long(er) story short, I had a screw in my tire, a spare tire and jack in my trunk and managed to find a repair shop still open after 2pm on a Saturday that would take a look at the tire. I then broke down and cried. I felt miserable, like everything bad happens to me and my car was stupid. I got my cry out of the way, called a friend to see if he could take hubby and I to the shop to get the tire fixed. I jacked up the car and changed the tires with only a bit of help (a bit of muscle and mostly verbal help) from the guys. It is my car and I do what is necessary for it, not hubby. We get to the repair shop, the guy takes the tire to look at it/fix it…and the guys ask me how much was the estimate of getting it fixed. Uh, oops, I didn’t ask that. So, there I’m standing hope and pleading in my head that it can be fixed and that it doesn’t cost too much. The guy comes back in about 10 minutes and it only cost 13.50€ to get the hole fixed! Yay!!!! We go back home and I put the tire back on.

The day was a bit better after the repair, but I’ve been feeling down, weepy and moody the rest of the day. Tomorrow will be a better day. And hubby and I will make it to see where our house is being built.


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