Name change

 I did it! I’ve changed the name of my blog from ‘life in finland – elämä suomessa’ to ‘BattleFish’. I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time and even more so the last few days. The previous name just wasn’t me. It never really felt right, nor did it encompass what I wanted. Yes, I’m still living in Finland and I don’t see that changing (ever), but my life and what I am blogging is more than just being in Finland. Lately most of my posts have to do with my husband’s and my journey TTC #1 (from my view point of course). But I also blather about my friends, family, daily events, thoughts, feelings, Finland and really, just whatever is happening in my world and head at the time.

This new name has a lot more meaning to it on several levels. First, BattleFish is a nickname my husband calls me sometimes. Especially when I’m in a contrary and bratty mood. He’ll usually call me this when my bad-moodedness (new word) is not fully serious, but yet nothing he says or does is right and I just want to pick a fight or at least bicker. Hubby can tell me I’m being a BattleFish and it will most likely make me smile and then make it hard for me to continue on in the same manner., especially when I know I’m being a bratty. Now, if I’m truly in a fowl mood, this will only anger me more. Secondly, when I started thinking of the word(s) BattleFish, I am battling. I’m battling to get pregnant, battling to start a family, battling to keep my sanity, battling to just be me and to be happy with it. Thirdly, I quite like the name. It’s cute, but not in a girly way.

The only thing I’m not quite sure I like with this new look is the background design and color. It might change in the next few days.

And on to other stuff…
This morning (afternoon), when hubby and I woke up, we laid in bed for a while discussing our cat game that we are designing. This game has been something that we’ve been discussing and designing for some several years now. I do hope we’ll finish it someday and actually publish it.

Once we got out of bed, we went to look where our house (duplex) complex is going to be built. Right now, it is just a roughly leveled area of land. It was hubby’s first time seeing it. Yes, we signed papers for the place before hubby even went to see where it was going to be built. He knew the area, but just not what it exactly looked like. He said the area for the complex is small and possibly cramped. 😦 It does sort of look that way, but I am confident it will be ok. In any case, it will be ours and we’ll only share one very well insulated wall with someone.

Today is 4dpFET. I’m still taking Zu.menon (estradiol hemihydrate) and Lu.gesteron (pro.gesterone) 3 times a day. The pills don’t bother me, but sometimes I just really can’t stand the suppositories. (Do you think it makes a huge difference if I “forget” a suppository every once in a great while, just to give my lady bits a break?) I don’t seem to have any of the side effects people talk about. I admit, I had to google what sort of side effects are common, as I really just don’t feel anything at the moment. No sore boobs, no bloating, no more irritation or irritability than normal. For good or bad, I just feel like me.

To finish this post and evening off, hubby and I are watching the Finnish-Swedish world hockey championship. Go Finland!!!


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