I survived

I not only survived Mother’s Day, but I survived (so far) the birch trees coming out in full bloom! First I’ll say a little something about my dreaded enemy, the birch trees.

When I lived in the USA, I never really had much in the way of allergies. Sure, I had a little bit of hay fever during the spring and summer months, but nothing an OTC allergy pill couldn’t take care of. Fast forward to 2006, me having lived in Finland for 8 years, and one of the worst springs ever! I couldn’t catch my breath and it just felt like I couldn’t breathe. Not a pleasant feeling at all. I couldn’t even walk from my door to the bus stop, less than 3 min away, without gasping for breath and feeling like I was going to keel over. My eyes also itched so bad I wanted to claw them out. Puffy eyes are NOT sexy. The doctor tried several different allergy meds and some inhalers until we found something that mostly worked. The doctor suspected I have asthma. And guess what, I do! Yay me! I hate my asthma. (But that’s for another post, someday.)

So, spring is here again. And the birch trees started blooming in my town on Saturday. If I thought about it harder and long enough, I could probably tell you the exact time they officially started blooming. Birch trees with their pollen are the bane of my existence right now. I am a sneezy, sniffly, stuffy head mess. Thankfully I’m not contagious! And thankfully the weather is beautiful: sunny, not windy and warm! I will survive.

Mother’s day wasn’t so bad. I did have little twinges of sadness off and on throughout the day. I sniffled a bit in the morning about another year coming around and I’m still not a mom. Not even a mom-in-waiting. Then hubby and I had some fun in between the sheets and I forgot about it all for a bit. Then, I got a little bit sad when I saw the group of families outside celebrating a kids birthday and the kids running around. Once again I’d forget a little while about the whole “mother” thing, especially while watching hockey with my hubby. When I opened Facebook and I got sad again as all my friends posted about how wonderful their (first) Mother’s day was going. I did send my mom and stepmom Mother’s day greetings.

And then, I read a Facebook message from my ex’s mom. My ex and I were together for 4 years, 13 years ago. I used to hang out at my ex’s parents house quite often. And even now, when I go home to visit my family, I get in touch with the ex’s parents. They are good christian people, especially the mom. I was just so touched by her words and that she would think of me on this day. It just filled me with warmth and tears. So I leave you today with her kind and caring words:

Hi Heather, I just wanted you to know that I’m thinking about you today and have been praying for you that the Lord will give you your heart’s desire, and that it won’t be long before you and (hubby) have a baby. I hope you’re having nice weather there now. It’s very cool and sunny here this afternoon, however I just wish it would warm up and stay warm for a while. It may be sunny right now, but it’s still too cool to sit on the deck without a sweater. We love you and think of you often. You will always be like one of our children.
Love, ex’s mom

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