It’s the little things

It’s funny (for lack of a better word) how little things can trigger a reaction. A friend just told me that she read my Facebook status, a while ago, about hubby and I having difficulties getting pregnant. She wished me well and hoped it all works out. So, I got all teary eyed, at work! ugh. She also said that “many kind of lifes can be happy and full”. I know that is true and I know she is offering comfort, but I honestly don’t know if my life can be full or fully happy if I don’t get pregnant and have a child of my own, at least not at this point in my life. Let’s check again down the road when all fertility treatments have run out.


2 thoughts on “It’s the little things

  1. I know your friend meant well, but girl, if someone told me that "many kinds of lives can be happy and full" right now, I would probably punch them in the face. Certainly a true principle, but it is no one else's place to presume to guess what is needed or not needed to fulfill someone else's unique life. Anyway, I'll rant more about horrible advice in an answer to your email soon. 🙂

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