Is it only Wednesday?

Unfortunately, it IS only Wednesday. And so much has happened this week already.

As I was writing my last entry (Sunday evening), hubby was in pain with a stomach ache. It had started hurting Sunday morning and only got worse as the day and night wore on. He wasn’t able to puke and all of the wretching he did try to do only sounded horribly painful. I asked him if he wanted to go to the hospital/see a doctor and he said ‘no’. I was awake until 2am just watching over him. Then I tried going to bed, but each time he got up and went to the bathroom, I woke up too. Later in the night when I asked if he wanted to go to the hospital, he said in the morning. At 6am, I woke up to him heading to the bathroom once again. I half-dozed for 40minutes while he was in the bathroom. It was then that I decided enough was enough and that we were going to the ER. I told him I was getting dressed, then I would go out to warm the car and we would head to the ER. By 7:30 I had him in the car and away we went.

When we arrived at the ER entrance, I dropped him off and went to park the car. By the time I walked back to the ER, a nurse was taking him into a triage room. She poked his stomach a bit and then said she’d call for a doctor to come look. Within 5 minutes the doctor arrived, poked his stomach some more, then told us to give the rest of our contact info to the main desk and for hubby to wait in the lobby where someone would come get him to perform some tests. I was told I was not allowed with him during these tests. After our info was taken, I kissed hubby good-bye with a promise that he’d text or call me with an update in a few hours. I was in and out of there in under 30min!

Right enough, after a couple of hours, I get a text from hubby that they believe it is appendix and that he is going in for surgery. He should be able to go home the same day. Well, he did have his surgery, but they kept him over night. It sure was a quite night at home Monday evening. Not even the cats wanted to sleep with me. 😦

Also, on Monday I was supposed to take a reservation agreement to the real estate agent for the duplex we are interested in. But, since hubby was so sick Sunday and in the hospital Monday, I couldn’t get his signature. Yes, I know we should have had it all signed way before that, but…life sometimes gets in the way.

Tuesday morning had me up bright and early to head to the bank to discuss a house loan, then I drove to the hospital to  pick up hubby and take him home. Then it was to work. I was just so exhausted from the previous couple of days.

This morning (it’s still only Wednesday!), I headed to the seamstress to pick up my wedding dress corset-top. The stays (I have no idea how I came up with this word, but it is correct!) were very thin and bent in such a way that they didn’t support any more. Plus, they poked me in the ribs leaving bruising and pain!

After the seamstress, I had another bank appointment. Then off to work I went. I managed to get some work done. But the day isn’t over yet!

At 13:20, I had an IVF appointment. Once the doctor called me back, made sure it was ok that a student-doctor watched, I undressed from the waist down and hopped up on the exam table. The doctor went over my situation with the student-doctor and then asked if my period had started and I told her no. She said that was a bit strange because I should have started bleeding if I had stopped taking the progesterone pills a couple of days ago… Uh, oops! I was supposed to stop taking the pills on Monday, but I totally forgot! I mentioned to her how my husband was in the hospital and had surgery (good information for them to know, as it could make the quality of his sperm lower because of the infection) and everything. The doctor just laughed (at me) and said it was ok. I am to stop taking the pills and come in for another control appointment next week.

The good thing about the ultra sound is that my lining is nicely thick (5,6mm) and my ovaries look good. If all looks good in a week, then I’ll start injections and round 2 of IVF will be progressing!

And my day is still not over… once I leave work (yes, I’m blogging at work today. Think of it as my tea break, which I hardly ever take) I need to go gift shopping on behalf of my infirm husband. I’ll be buying some cheese, crackers and chocolate for his professor to make into a gift basket for Friday.

I also need to go food shopping for us. When I finally get home, I am sure dinner will need to be made and I need to dye my hair and also finish making the name tags for the dinner seating arrangements for Friday.

I hope I can crawl into bed and go to sleep before midnight tonight. That will bring me one day closer to my weekend! No work on Friday for me!

Did reading all that make you as tired as I am from surviving it all?


What do you think?

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